DCPS Assistant Principal Applications

DCPS Assistant Principal Applications

We are looking for talented, dynamic Principals and Assistant Principals to teach where it matters most for the upcoming school year.


Applications for SY2024-2025 are now open! 

Explore Principals and Assistant Principals careers within our organization and schools.

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DCPS Assistant Principal Selection Process

The Assistant Principal selection process contains the following steps:

  • Initial Application

    During the online application you will be asked to provide the following:

    • Resume
    • Overview of your educational background and work experience
    • We suggest that you are prepared to complete the application in one sitting because you will not be able to make any edits or changes to your application after you have submitted. The entirety of the application should take no more than 30 to 45 minutes. After submitting the application, candidates that meet all pre-qualifications will be sent an email to take the Instructional Video Activity.

  • Instructional Video Activity

    Once you have completed the initial application you should receive an email with the Instructional Video Activity. You will watch a video of classroom instruction and answer a series of questions regarding the video. Candidates cannot continue to the next stage of the selection process if they have not submitted the Instructional Video Activity.

    The School Leader Recruitment, Selection and Development Team will review your online application within 10-15 business days, and you will be notified via e-mail of your application status. If you do not receive a status update within 15 business days, please email Lead.DC@k12.dc.gov.

  • Performance Task

    The next stage in the Assistant Principal selection process focuses on instructional leadership and coaching skills. Applicants are also asked to submit 2 professional references at this stage.

  • One-Way Video Interview

    Qualified candidates are sent the resources to participate in a one-way, asynchronous video interview. This is a tool that allows candidates to listen to and read questions from current DCPS leaders about what it takes to be a successful school leader before recording their responses. Candidates can engage in this stage of the interview on their own schedule to capture their best responses. Your video responses from this stage of the process will be reviewed by multiple leaders within the DCPS leadership team. The interview process will measure the candidate’s strength through the lens of the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders https://dcps.dc.gov/page/leadership-framework and alignment to the Capital Commitment.

  • Candidate Pool

    After the phone interview, candidates are placed in the General AP approved pool. Being placed into a hiring pool confirms one is eligible for hire but does not guarantee a position.

  • School Based Selection

    When candidates complete their initial application, they will indicate which LEAP role(s) they are interested in. Candidates can select up to six LEAP content roles that align with their area(s) of strength. School campuses initiate communication with candidates to schedule school-based interview activities. During these activities hiring Principals will interview candidates for possible LEAP positions. School leaders confirm final candidate selections with Instructional Superintendents before moving forward; Instructional Superintendents and other senior leaders within DCPS may ask for the opportunity to meet with final candidate(s) and hiring Principals before a final selection is made.

  • Hiring and Onboarding

    Once the final candidate has been determined, Principals initiate communication with the Office of Leadership Development, who will work with the Staffing team to provide the candidate with an official offer of employment. Candidates cannot receive an official offer from a school or begin work until the security clearance process has been completed and candidates have an official Administrator Services Credential from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).

Start a Assistant Principal Application and navigate to the correct

school year for which you would like to apply. 

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DC Assistant Principal Applications FAQs

How do you find DCPS Principal jobs near me?

Candidates interested in school leader positions can email @email for more information.

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When can I apply for a DCPS Principal position?


You can submit your application for the Principal Pool in any of the three designated application windows:

1. December 1-December 31

2. January 29-February 20

3. February 21-March 12

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How much do DCPS Principals get paid?

DCPS principal salaries range from $131,152 - $199,350 depending on education and experience, with potential bonuses through IMPACT, our system for assessing the performance of school-based staff, teachers, and school leaders.

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Can Virginia and Maryland school principals apply for DCPS principal jobs?

Yes! We encourage candidates from anywhere in the nation with teaching and leadership experience to apply to become a DCPS principal. By law, all new school leaders at DCPS must have a DC administrative credential at the time of hiring.

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