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DCPS Principal Applications

How much do DCPS Principals get paid?

DCPS principal salaries range from $120,611 - $183,328 depending on education and experience, with potential bonuses through IMPACT, our system for assessing the performance of school-based staff, teachers, and school leaders.

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Can Virginia and Maryland school principals apply for DCPS principal jobs?

Yes! We encourage candidates from anywhere in the nation with teaching and leadership experience to apply to become a DCPS principal. By law, all new school leaders at DCPS must have a DC administrative credential at the time of hiring.

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How do you find DCPS Principal jobs near me?

Candidates interested in school leader positions can email @email for more information.

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When can I apply for a DCPS Principal position?

The DCPS principal application for the 2023-2024 school year is now open. Apply here.

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